Getting data from db and show in listview in Android Apache Cordova

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In this article I am trying to insert some data in sqlite table and get the same data from table and want to show in list-view of android in cordova (formality name PhoneGap).

You know all, Sqlite is the database that android device provide optional for us. We can store  a lot of data inside the sqlite database.
PhoneGap makes it pretty darn easy to create and work with a database in your application. For this we have to create the database name and version and in phonegap it stored inside the data/data/package name/files_01/000000001.db.
For the UI design jquery mobile provide the outstanding UI as for drag and drop. 

CordovaListview.javapackage com.sunil.listview; import android.os.Bundle; import org.apache.cordova.*; public class CordovaListview extends CordovaActivity { @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); super.init(); // Set by in config.xml super.load…

Install The Cordova Plugin through CLI & how to run on android device

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In Apache Cordova, the role of the plugin is very important to build the Cordova for any platform like android, ios, blackberry, window7 or window8. For each platform, we need the plugin for the basic component of the native-like Accelerometer, Device, Compass, Notification, Networking, Camera etc.

In the older version of the phone-gap it already build in the jar file but Apache Cordova3.1 version it provide you have to create your own plugin if you need for native each.

A plugin is a bit of add-on code that provides an interface to native components. You can design your own plugin interface. For the app to communicate closely with various device-level features, you need to add plugins that provide access to core Cordova APIs. There are many plugin the Apache Cordova provide so the thing how to install all those plugins in out Cordova project with command line Interface(CLI).

First, you need to create the Cordova project in your any directory. but make sure Cordova cmd have …

Insert form data into db and validate login Phonegap

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Today we are learning to how to insert the form data into sqlite in PhoneGap and successful registration then check the authorization in login page.
 Sqlite is the database that android device provide is the optional for us. We can store the a lot of data inside the sqlite database.
PhoneGap makes it pretty darn easy to create and work with a database in your application. For this we have to create the database name and version and in phonegap it stored inside the data/data/package name/files_01/000000001.db. So your table data will be stored inside the 000000001.db file. In your dbname your table have no data.
The most stuff I feel that to create the UI design, And jquerymobile provide the pretty ui design. So in this tutorial we will integrate with jquery mobile UI and cordova with sqlite. I hope this tutorial might be helpfull to all my friends.
Now lets start the create the android project to build this feature. And…

Get Current Location and load on GoogleMap

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This tutorial might be helpful to all developer to get the current location and show the current location on GoogleMap.
To access the current location we need to use the Geo location. So what is the GeoLocation?
"The geolocation object provides access to location data based on the device's GPS sensor or inferred from network signals."
Geolocation provides information about the device's location, such as latitude and longitude. Common sources of location information include Global Positioning System (GPS) and location inferred from network signals such as IP address, RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. There is no guarantee that the API returns the device's actual location.
With the help of this
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(onSuccess, onError, { enableHighAccuracy:true }); getCurrentPosition is the method for get the current latitude and longitude.Here we see enableHighAccurary:ture it means if the network provider…

A Splash Screen for Android using Phonegap

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In this tutorial we have added the article to show the splash screen for a short time and then after load the index.html file.
Adobe Cordova includes a Splashscreen API so you can add a splash screen to your app, which consists of a still graphic image displaying before your app starts.

I have recently begun a lot of experiment to build the application in hybrid to make for android and ios creating native mobile apps with HTML5/CSS3/JS. I found that Titanium Appcelerator and PhoneGap have two option to create the mobile application hybrid. Both products are great, but their approaches (and capabilities) are very different. To work in both I have personally feel that PhoneGap is much easy to build the mobile application rather than Titanium.

If you create your Android splash screen as a 9-patch image, then the image will resize proportionally when displayed in either portrait or landscape mode.

In order to have a splash screen in a PhoneGap Android application you need to…

PgoneGap Installation with Eclipse

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This tutorial might be helpful to all developer who just started the PhoneGap build technologies. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to configure the PhoneGap with eclipse for android application.

Step -1: You have already android sdk configure with eclipse. If not have then configure the android sdk   or    ADT with eclipse.
Step-2 :  You have to download the new PhoneGap build from Here.
Step-3 :  Now Extract the rar file of PhoneGap in any of your directory in your computer. And go to to extract directory of PhoneGap\phonegap-2.9.0\phonegap-2.9.0\lib\android. Here you have all files that are need to configure with eclipse.

Step 4. Open Eclipse and create the Android Project name PhoneGapDemo.

Now the create the folder www name inside the assets folder and copy the cordova.js file inside the www folder. And copy the cordova2.9.0.jar file from the extaxting folder of phonegap and paste inside the libs folder and copy the xml folder of PhoneGap extract directory and pas…

PhoneGap Architeture

PhoneGap is an application container technology allows us to create natively installed applications for mobile devices using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We create mobile application across platform with a single code base and the app runs on the "webview" of the mobile platform. Building applications for each device - iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile amd more requires different frameworks and languages. PhoneGap solves this by using standards based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices.
PhoneGap applications are developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, however the final product of a PhoneGap application is a binary application archive that can be distributed through standard application ecosystems.

For iOS applications the output is an IPA file) (iOS Application Archive), for Android applications the output is an APK file) (Android Package), for Window Phone the output is a XAP file (Application Package), etc.. These are the same applica…